Zend Studio 13.5: Improved performance, best PHP 7 support, and more

Zend Studio 13.5 is now available. With 3X faster performance, you can code faster, debug more easily, and take advantage of massive performance gains in PHP 7. Below are the highlights of this new release.

Improved performance

“Performance” was the main feedback we heard from you over and over again about regarding Zend Studio. We listened. Performance was a main topic for last few releases, but this time we went deeper.

We focused on a fundamental component of the IDE – the PHP indexer. We analyzed it, disassembled it, and implemented it from scratch. The effort paid off – the new PHP indexer is 3X faster than the old one. But speed is not the only benefit. The architectural design of the new indexer allows the IDE to be more responsive. For example, code assist is no longer blocked by the ongoing indexing process. This means no more freezes if you trigger code assist soon after you import a large project.

Best PHP 7 support

The support for PHP 7 was introduced in the previous release – Zend Studio 13. Back then PHP 7 was in the release candidate phase. Now, PHP 7 is officially released. Zend Server 9 has just introduced the professional PHP 7 stack, and Zend Studio 13.5 comes with polished PHP 7 capabilities. The code editor is upgraded with all new great features of PHP 7: the uniform variable syntax, anonymous classes, scalar type hints, return type declarations, the spaceship operator, the null coalesce operator, group use statements, generator delegation, and more.

PHP 7 express helps migrating to PHP 7

Worried about any backward compatibility problems when migrating your projects to PHP 7? The PHP 7 express migration tool is here to help. It scans your PHP 5.x project and warns about any potential problems that may hit your project when executed on PHP 7. Moreover, it suggests quick fixes to improve your code and make it PHP 7 compatible.

Easier access to quick fixes

Talking about quick fixes, we gave them some love in this release. We have not only implemented more of them, but made them more visible and easier to apply. You can now hover the mouse over the underlined problem marker and a hover window pops up showing all available quick fixes. Applying the selected quick fix is just a click away.
The problems view also received an upgrade. It decorates with a light bulb those problem markers that have available quick fixes. The quick fixes can be invoked directly from the view using the context menu or the Ctrl+1 shortcut.



Improved Xdebug support

Zend Studio has a superior support for Zend Debugger – the professional PHP debugger by Zend. In this release we focused on the other very popular debugger – Xdebug. We not only fixed some issues, but also implemented support for some Xdebug specific features, such as the PHP exception breakpoints.

… and more

Like in every new release, Zend Studio comes with a full trunk of small improvements. Find more about them on the What’s New page.

Or even better, experience them yourself by upgrading to Zend Studio 13.5!

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    Kaloyan Raev

    Zend Studio team lead, Eclipse Committer