White Paper: Continuous Delivery and DevOps with Zend Server on Microsoft Azure

This white paper discusses key aspects of a DevOps approach to Continuous Delivery and identifies factors that contribute to confusion that can come in the way of cohesive development and operational efforts. It also describes elements of organizational change and the tools necessary to achieve DevOps best practices.

The Continuous Delivery concept is a global IT phenomenon, which is also having an impact on the PHP market. This white paper focuses on PHP and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and how together they bring a broad variety of technical solutions to support agile processes and enforce “Release Management”.

In a second part, the whitepaper presents a case study describing how one company embraced a DevOps approach to Continuous Delivery for a highly available PHP application powered by Zend Server on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This case study exemplifies what is possible for PHP applications when built and deployed in a robust cloud environment.

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