Zend Studio 13 – the Fastest Path to PHP 7, Docker Management and Optimized User Experience

We are excited to announce the availability Zend Studio 13 that helps PHP developers take full advantage of new technologies within the PHP market and beyond, including PHP 7, Docker, EGit 4.0 and more.

“This newest Zend Studio release addresses what PHP application developers have been asking for:  a development solution that boosts productivity and efficiency while supporting the latest PHP technologies,” said Michel Gerin, Zend General Manager for Developer Tools. “We provide a smart migration assistant to help developers upgrade their existing applications to PHP 7, along with updated debugging and testing capabilities. The result: an easier, faster and more intuitive development process that produces quality PHP 7 applications.”

PHP 7 Support

Zend Studio 13 includes the most-complete PHP 7 support to date. The latest version supports the newest dynamic language concepts in PHP 7, such as Return Type Declarations, Anonymous Classes, the Spaceship Operator, Group Use Declarations, Scalar Type Hints, and more.

PHP 7 Express Migration Assistant

The new built-in migration tool helps developers quickly transition to PHP 7. The migration assistant scans existing projects for PHP 7 compatibility issues, including removed and deprecated usages or newly reserved words. It points developers to the exact line of problematic code and suggests quick fixes

Docker Support

Zend Studio 13 includes new Docker tools that support the management of Docker images and containers. PHP developers can easily run, test and debug PHP applications directly on Docker containers for maximized deployment experience.

Optimized User Experience

New improvements to the PHP Editor include a new validator for deprecated APIs, a new action for organizing use statements, and a new debugging workflow to make debugging easier. Zend Studio automatically detects the installed debugger for local and remote servers and helps configure the client IPs for debugging. Redundant client IPs are detected and removed while invalid or inaccessible IPs are reported. Also, when a new PHP server is added, Zend Studio will automatically provide the “best match” client IP

New Zend Studio 13 Plugin for Eclipse

Zend Studio 13 is based on the latest version of Eclipse, Eclipse 4.5.1. Developers already using Eclipse as a development platform can use the dedicated Zend Studio 13 plugin, which can be installed directly from their development environment.

Key features and benefits of Zend Studio 13 include:

  • PHP 7 Editor support for easy development of new PHP 7 apps
  • PHP 7 Express Migration wizard provides easy upgrade path to PHP 7
  • Docker image and container management tools for faster deployment
  • New Git Flow branching model Support with EGit 4.0 for superior project management
  • Mobile support plus sample app with source code for faster mobile development
  • API-centric development with Apigility for faster API building
  • New smart debugging for better user experience
  • Tight Zend Server and Z-Ray integration for increased productivity
  • New Zend Studio 13 plugin for faster install in existing Eclipse environments
  • Increased cloud support for AWS and Azure for faster development in the cloud
  • Huge Eclipse ecosystem of add-ons and plugins for more functionalities
  • Perpetual license to continue using your software indefinitely

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