DrupalCon LA – A week of all things Drupal (and it’s backbone, PHP)

Before the event, one of the community members described DrupalCon LA as the “Superbowl” of Drupal Conferences. For someone who has never attended a single Drupal event, the comment was intriguing and raised expectations, but I must say, the event lived up to the hype.

The moment we walked into the exhibit hall, looking at the number of exhibitors and their fancy booths, we realized that it’s going to be a great conference; and we weren’t wrong. Right from when the exhibition floor was open to attendees until the last hour of the conference, there was continuous engagement between attendees and exhibitors.

Alright, there was coffee, beer and food available in the exhibition hall but I’d like to believe that attendees flocked the hall to learn more about the value proposition of companies present at the conference with one goal in mind – learn how to build and maintain high-performing apps. And that was the mission of every company exhibiting, including Zend and Microsoft.

Yes, Microsoft Azure and Zend shared a booth, which was acknowledged by many developers as another welcome move by Microsoft to embrace the open-source nature of PHP and popular PHP based apps like Drupal, WordPress and Magento. If you are still wondering what Zend and Microsoft were doing together, here’s a recap of the partnership announcement.

And the product being showcased was Z-Ray for Azure, transforming productivity in the cloud. This integrated offering did catch a lot of attention. The depth of information combined with the intuitive developer workflow seemed to be a very attractive proposition to Drupal developers.

Here’s the session by Corey Fowler, Program Manager on Azure App Service:

And this is how Twitter reacted to the joint presence – at DrupalCon LA and LoopConf!Tweets

And yes, even the elePHPant joined us and received some attention:

elephpant tweet

  • Shellee Hill

    i think it`s great to join you guys…

    S.I. Unik

  • Rahul

    Nice Blog…
    I love Drupal and i am working on version 7… I want to join you Sir/Mam,
    I have to learned lot’s of things from you on PHP framework. :)