Performance Insight into the upcoming release of PHP 7

PHP is the most popular Web development language. It runs over 50% of the Web (some estimates exceed 80%) and powers some of the most popular applications including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more…

Given the breadth and depth of the PHP space any major advancement in the core platform has far reaching impact on the Web as a whole. In the past year the Zend Engine team, PHP community members and even some assistance from Intel have worked extremely hard to take PHP performance to the next level, and doing so with compatibility and continuity in mind. The end result is remarkable as you can explore in this Infographic and as such, with its slated Q4/2015 release will have a major impact on the Web as a whole. And as per Jevons paradox that means a lot more servers running PHP despite the huge increase in efficiency.

But PHP 7 is not just about performance. There are major enhancements to the language that continue to deliver the necessary evolution of the language to address the requirements of current and future Web & Mobile application development.

If you want to give PHP 7 a spin, Zend has made pre-built binaries available at Let us know how it works for you!

Congrats to the PHP community as a whole!



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    Andi Gutmans

    CEO and Co-founder at Zend Technologies