Zend Adds Supercharged PHP Stack and Zend Server for WordPress, Drupal and Magento on Azure Marketplace

We are excited to announce the availability of Zend Server, the integrated PHP application platform and certified PHP stack, as an advanced cloud service on Microsoft Azure through the Azure Marketplace.

This productivity-focused offering on Azure empowers application developers to develop better applications faster, deploy them continuously and scale them infinitely. PHP developers will gain a competitive edge by running PHP on Azure. Developers can start application projects easily, without capital investment, and evolve them seamlessly to efficient multi-team, multi-server projects with full automation of all steps of the application development life cycle.

“The inclusion of Zend Server in the marketplace and the focus on making the PHP developer even more productive within the App Service platform highlight Microsoft’s commitment to open source, especially PHP,” said Andi Gutmans, CEO and Co-founder, Zend. “More than 50 percent of web applications and websites are written in PHP. It is exciting to see leading cloud vendors such as Microsoft focus on that market, resulting in PHP developer success. We are also pleased that these cloud vendors are choosing to work with Zend to help them reach their goal of delivering a stellar PHP developer experience in the cloud.”

Zend Server on Azure Marketplace

The Zend Server platform enables agile development at scale, helping companies deliver innovation faster. Developers, development managers and IT executives benefit, as Zend Server covers the entire development life cycle and is the most reliable platform in production.

“We are excited to have Zend Server 8 on our Azure Marketplace, allowing easy access to an important integrated PHP application platform for developers,” said Omar Khan, Director, Microsoft Corp. “Zend Server in the Azure Marketplace meets developer demand for more tools to build quality, scalable applications quickly in the cloud.”

Meanwhile, development managers benefit from the visibility and reliability of the release processes, as well as the ease with which they can scale teams, processes and production environments. IT executives will appreciate the breadth of Azure services and the availability of a broad developer, partner and application ecosystem for Zend on Azure.

Develop, Test, Build and Scale Infinitely

Zend Server 8 is available on the Azure Marketplace in three editions: Developer, Professional and Enterprise. Developer Edition is designed for building and testing applications with special developer features and very affordable pricing. Professional and Enterprise Editions are packaged for production environments with the Enterprise Edition providing the highest SLAs and enterprise-class performance features.

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