Zend Studio Boosts Developer Productivity, Code Quality and Application Performance

Latest Version of Zend Studio Strengthens Debugging Capabilities, Reinforces Mobile Development Features, Adds AngularJS, Doctrine, Apigility and Magento Support

We’ve just turbocharged Zend Studio with cool new features that will boost your productivity. The latest release includes upgraded debugging and testing experience, enhanced support for popular frameworks, and many other installation, performance and quality improvements.

What’s new in Zend Studio 12.5?

  • Upgraded Debugger: This new version includes a whole new way to setup remote debugging. The Zend Debugger and Xdebug configuration is at the server level; which means that if you have multiple servers configured, locally, in the cloud or remotely on an intranet, you can configure the debugger separately for each particular server and define the connection settings via the server creation and edit wizard.
  • Improved Testing: Support for PHPUnit 4 for effective integration testing and simplified unit tests to make sure your code is stable and functioning correctly.
    Enhanced APIs Support: Support for the latest version of Apigility so you can build, test, and debug your APIs more efficiently.
  • Integration of Popular Plugins: Content assist for Magento development, Angular JS Explorer View, Content Assist for Doctrine ORM annotations, Markdown Editor and GitHubMylyn Integration that allows you to use a GitHub repository to store and retrieve Mylyn tasks.

Additional improvements include upgraded installation packages with built-in JRE, so you don’t have to pre-install it like before, the font size plugin, many performance and quality improvements, and more.

“Developers depend on strong yet flexible debugging capabilities as essential ingredients for delivering quality code. They also need support and tight integration with the technologies they use or plan to use,” said Michel Gerin, Zend Development Tools General Manager. “This latest version of Zend Studio provides new debugging capabilities and integrates new technologies that empower all PHP developers to create innovative, forward-looking Web and mobile applications.”

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