Announcing Z-Ray for PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Magento

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Z-Ray, the ultimate PHP debugging solution for unmatched visibility into PHP and framework code, with Zend Server 8, the newest certified PHP stack and monitoring solution for DevOps teams.

Z-Ray – Debugging PHP and frameworks for bug free applications

The new Z-Ray gives developers deep insight during development into how their PHP code will be running in production mode.  Using Z-Ray, developers will drastically improve the quality of their code and applications by solving issues long before their code reaches production. ZRay displays all the under-the-hood details of a page request, across all the PHP scripts involved in building the page.

Z-Ray provides critical information on Page Requests, Errors and Warnings, monitors Events and Database Queries performance.

For mobile app debugging, ZRay Live! delivers information on requests originating from native mobile clients and other non-browser sources. The new URL Insight gives strong insight on critical URLs, such as the slowest, poorest performing, and most popular URLs.  Full Z-Ray snapshots for these URLs provides unprecedented insight into what real-world requests look like, coming from real users.

Unique Insight into WordPress, Drupal, Magento and other PHP frameworks.

Z-Ray provides a unique insight into Magento Blocks, Events, Handlers, and Requests, insight into Drupal Functions, Modules, Blocks, insight into WordPress Cache Objects, Crons, Plugins, insight into Zend Framework Config, Events, Modules and much more.

Learn more about Z-Ray >


NEW – Zend Server 8 for increased performance.

In addition to Z-Ray, Zend Server 8 delivers a fully integrated application platform for mobile and web applications based on the only certified PHP stack. It provides real time monitoring features, increased Web server and application performance, a new easy to use interface, higher application availability, scalability and clustering.

Key Features and Benefits of Zend Server 8:

  • Increased application performance using Zend Job Queue for executing time-consuming jobs asynchronously, or using Zend Page cache to speed up recurring access to PHP pages by caching the entire output of specific URLs
  • Code Tracing for access to the full function-by-function flow of the problematic PHP request
  • Complete, reliable, secure and certified PHP stack, including over 80 of the most popular PHP extensions and libraries
  • Consistent PHP environment across all major operating systems, for both development and production
  • Easy management of PHP configuration settings to fit the needs of applications – whether on a single server or a large cluster
  • Audit Trail to track changes made to system configuration
  • Easy fine-tuning of settings for receiving emails, notifications, audits, and more, from Zend Server
  • Fixes to security problems (CVEs) under the Zend Server Long Term Support policy
  • Available on Amazon Web Services, IBM I, Windows, iOS,
  • New platform support includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, PHP 5.6, and Linux running on IBM Power8.

Zend Server 8 is available now. You can download the 30-day free trial.

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