NEW! Zend Studio 12 Beta Optimizes Mobile Application Development!

The newest Zend Studio 12 raises the bar in mobile development for PHP developers by including support for Cordova, Ionic, AngularJS and a fully customizable mobile application with source code. It also raises the debugging capabilities of an IDE to levels unseen before by leveraging the new Z-Ray and Z-Ray Live!, for unmatched real-time, and in-context visibility inside the applications’ code and performance. The new version also includes support for PHP 5.6, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the leading Eclipse 4 Luna development platform.

Developers know that to mobilize is to innovate. They also know that building an API-connected mobile app requires a full stack of components, platforms and servers talking with each other while developers work on the front-end business logic,” said Michel Gerin, Zend Development Tools General Manager. “This latest version of Zend Studio injects real-time visibility and added cloud and platform support, empowering even more developers to create innovative, forward-looking mobile applications.”

Zend Studio simplifies mobile application development on top of existing PHP applications and server back-ends by managing the “behind the scenes” development communication process:  The IDE communicates with all layers of the stack while a server platform enables collaboration, reporting and debugging, all while a strong framework facilitates a RESTful server-based API.

Mobile App

Zend Studio 12 uniquely offers developers a fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code. The application uses Zend Framework and Apigility, an open-source API builder, as a foundation. Meanwhile, the mobile app uses Zend Server WebAPI for full reportability, performance and stability. Developers can build upon the sample mobile app as a start for their own projects.

Key features and benefits of Zend Studio 12 include:

  • Integration with Cordova and Ionic to create and emulate mobile apps directly from within the IDE
  • Enhanced Z-Ray support plus Z-Ray Live! integration for unmatched real-time visibility inside the app performance during the application development process
  • High productivity tools such as Bower integration to manage packages effectively plus increased UI experience with Dark theme, multi-cursor, split editor capabilities
  • Enhanced AWS support for easy deployment of applications on Zend Server and the Zend product stack
  • Fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code
  • Support for PHP 5.6
  • Access to Eclipse 4 Luna development platform functionalities (TCF Terminal for command line, many EGit enhancements, improved HTML5 support)
  • XMLService Toolkit built-in library for IBM i developers, extending PHP code to access IBM i resources

Zend Studio 12 Beta is available today for free download through the Early Access Program at:

Zend Studio 12 pricing is $189 for commercial use new users, and $139 for upgrade renewals, $89 for personal use new users and $29 for students. Free of charge to teachers, classrooms, and open source project developers.

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