PHP on IBM i: Modernization is on the rise!

Earlier this summer, Zend conducted an online survey to gauge the use of PHP on IBM i. Although we get a lot of positive feedback about PHP on IBM i, we wanted a better sense of how many customers are using PHP.

Close to 500 people responded to the survey, a very strong sampling of the IBM i community. The respondents answered questions related to PHP and the use of IBM i in their businesses. Although the survey did not reveal any major surprises, it did provide valuable insights into the role of PHP in the modernization of IBM i application environments.

First, 70% of the respondents are using PHP on the IBM i, and of those, 45% of them have 5 or more applications. PHP is increasingly the modernization strategy of choice as businesses build out both web and mobile applications.

Second, PHP is business critical for a majority of IBM i customers. In fact, one-quarter of the respondents have upgraded or bought a new system to support their PHP workloads.

Of course, IBM i itself continues to be business critical for its customers. Respondents reported that 96% of the applications running the IBM i are business critical. While it’s not a surprise that long-running ERP, payroll, and supply chain management applications are mission critical, it is notable that just about everything running on an IBM i is mission critical.

And finally, as a testament to the openness of the IBM i, the survey also found that in addition to the pervasive use of DB2 for IBM i, 43% of respondents are also using MySQL. The use of SQL is a key part of any modernization strategy, and the availability of both DB2 and MySQL gives customers flexibility as they build new applications.

Survey respondents were entered into a drawing either for an iPad or a large red Elephant.

Congratulations to the winners lucky winners, Matt S Rinc for the iPad and Lisa Lai for the red elephpant – look out for an email with all the information!