Zend Server 7 for IBM i is here and ready for business!

The latest version of Zend Server for IBM i is here and ready for business. Sporting the PHP 5.4 & 5.5 versions just about any PHP maven will find something of interest in this release, especially centered on Z-Ray!


So Z-Ray is what some might call Firebug for PHP. Anyone who has used Firebug or a similar tool might have long pondered what exactly the server was doing with that request that took 6 seconds? Was it processing the PHP file? Database I/O? Or some kind of locked object somewhere?

Well now Z-Ray can shed light on such issues immediately, if not sooner. You see, Z-Ray is built into Zend Server 7 and if turned on in the development LPAR you will see a little bar on the bottom of the screen. Expanding the bar opens to door to a host of good information about the server side execution of the web page.

So, what else is in Zend Server 7?

How about the latest PHP stack versions! You’ll notice PHP 5.3 is no longer available in Zend Server 7. That’s because Zend Server 6.3 will be our Long Term Support (LTS) version for PHP 5.3. And we’ve got a refreshed DB2 driver, as well!

Z-Ray Overview: