O’Reilly says PHP is experiencing a renaissance – we agree!

According to Josh Lockhart of O’Reilly Media, this is not your parents’ PHP. He makes some excellent points:

“A few years ago, PHP had several large frameworks … The new PHP is about interoperable components using their comparative advantage to provide the best combination of ingredients for your project.”

Hooray for frameworks!  With Zend Framework, Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and many more – the fact that there are so many great (and increasingly interoperable) tools is a major reason for PHP’s success.

“There are also exciting things happening with PHP under the hood, too. The PHP Zend Engine recently introduced memory usage optimizations. The memory usage in PHP 5.5 is far less than earlier versions.”

We’ve always considered high performance one of the key must-haves for the adoption of PHP, and the language has risen to meet this challenge. We’re happy to have aided the process by contributing the Zend OPcache, now part of the open source PHP core.

Read the whole article to see the full take on why PHP is doing as well as it is today. 

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    Joshua Solomin

    Director of Product Marketing at Zend Technologies
    • Pavel Perna

      well yeah ,try to do base64_encode on large strings, halts the whole server lulz

      • Pavel Perna

        😀 huh has to remind you this one https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=62462 when speaking of base64 😀

        • http://roheim.org/ David Roheim

          You should try it some time. I did with 5.5.10. 😉