Visualizations of Continuous Delivery

How can you simplify a book on a complicated topic like Continuous Delivery? Nhan Ngo, a QA engineer at Spotify, made a fabulous visualization of the different stages of implementing Continuous Delivery, from the book Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble.

Continuous Delivery Visualization-2


Continuous Delivery Visualization-3


Continuous Delivery Visualization-4


For a high resolution version of the banner – click here:

Let us know what you think about the visualizations.

  • Diego Sapriza

    Love them, would be awesome to have them printed?

  • Zend

    You bet – go for it! The creator of these visualizations has agreed to make them available under a Creative Commons license so feel free to print them out (click to get a higher resolution version)

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  • rambu

    the picture of Continous Delivery is so small :__D Can you post a bigger ?

  • Zend

    For a high resolution version of the banner, please use the link shared towards the end of the post.