Happy 10th anniversary to the Eclipse Foundation

Thank you for contributing towards a number of projects that have significantly increased the productivity of developers.

The Eclipse Project, originally created by IBM and supported by a consortium of software vendors, provides four services to the Eclipse community: IT InfrastructureIP Management, Development Process, and Ecosystem Development.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Eclipse Foundation, Infoworld created a list of 10 Eclipse projects that have made waves.

One of the significant contributions of Eclipse foundation towards the open-source world is PHP Development Tools referred to as PDT. Led by Zend, PDT provides an entry level IDE with basic code editing capabilities for developers to get started with PHP development.

“We had always been fans of the Eclipse project and decided the time was right for Zend to step up and contribute a PHP development toolkit to the Eclipse ecosystem,” Zend CEO Andi Gutmans says. “Since that time, we have led the Eclipse PDT project, and with approximately 75,000 downloads annually, it has become one of the most popular plug-ins for Eclipse.” Gutmans believes having a free open source PHP IDE contributed to the growth of both Eclipse and PHP.