PHP programmers unite for the mascot!

So far, the plush elePHPant has been sighted in blue, green, pink and red.

It’s time for a new member to join the herd – The Orange elePHPant.

But producing these plush elePHPants is not an easy task. For starters, it is really expensive and you need to order quite a large number at once. It also takes a while for them to be placed into a production queue and finished.

So if you’d like to see this orange elePHPant join the plush family, unite with the PHP community to make this Kickstarter campaign a big hit.

Kickstarter backers can choose to pledge towards a large elePHPant and get one of their very own! These special edition elePHPants will not be made available outside of this campaign because they are very expensive to produce. So this is your only chance to get the orange elePHPant.

If you’re still wondering how the elePHPant came into existence, here’s a quick rundown of its birth