Rise of the Native Cloud Developer – ZendCon Keynote

“Google has spent years building out some of the most robust and scalable infrastructure in the world. Our data centers span the globe and our services support hundreds of millions of users daily. This in turn requires that we build our services to be highly available, react quickly to changing traffic and cost effective to run.” – Peter S Magnusson

“These problems are no longer the domain of large service providers like Google – organisations large and small around the world are demanding the same economy, scale and resilience in their own services. As online businesses become more global and play a larger role in our economy, the lessons from building elastic, distributed systems become increasingly important to every developer.”

At his keynote session at ZendCon, he shared some of the important and sometimes unexpected lessons Google  learned while building for the cloud – such as the importance of lightweight execution containers, relying on failure, and how to overcome the speed of light when building distributed systems.

And then he went ahead to discuss about the rise of the “Cloud Native” developer – how engineers and organisations large and small now using these principles to build truly robust and scalable services, and businesses.

Peter is an Engineering Director at Google where he works with Google Cloud Platform products, including leading the Google App Engine team. Before joining Google, he wrote the Simics simulator and founded Virtutech, acquired by Intel in 2010. He is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and is a 2012 ACM Fellow.

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