Zend Server PHP 7 Early Access

I’m happy to announce the the Zend Server with PHP 7 early access program!

As with previous major versions, we’d like to give you guys the chance to shape Zend Server to suit your needs and requirements by installing an early version of the upcoming Zend Server release. What makes this early access program even more exciting is the full PHP 7 support bundled with Zend Server, but there are additional features we know you’ll enjoy!

Why join the program?

Other than testing your PHP 7 code on a comprehensive, secured and certified stack, you‘ll get to try out the other new features we’re working on. You will be able to work with the product management and development teams at Zend on new ideas, and exchange your experiences with fellow early access users.

So, what’s new?


This version of Zend Server ships with a certified and secure PHP 7 stack which also includes the largest amount of tested PHP extensions and libraries. All of Zend Server’s features and components, including Z-Ray,  have been fine-tuned to make sure you can easily test your PHP 7 code on Zend Server.



This version of Zend Server includes some interesting new Z-Ray features, which based on your feedback, we think you’ll enjoy using:

  • Z-Ray History enables you to go back in time and use Z-Ray to analyze any of the requests made to your server in the past. To locate a specific issue, use the built-in filtering system to pin down that one request on your mind.
  • With one simple click, all the valuable insight provided by Z-Ray can now be viewed on a full page, making viewing and analyzing the data much easier and faster.
  • Z-Ray can now be used to debug live CLI calls in Z-Ray Live! and past calls in Z-Ray History.
Full screen Z-Ray

Full screen Z-Ray


As with all major new versions of Zend Server, we’ve invested a lot in improving the user interface.

  • To make it easier to locate specific Zend Server features and UI pages, a new Fast Navigation option was added.
  • A new Zend Server plugin type enables you to add your own custom UI page using extension API.
  • A less visual but well felt change is the architecture behind the UI which is now based on a single-page structure, making navigation smoother and faster.
Fast navigation

Fast navigation

How do I get started?

First, visit the Early Access page on Zend.com. To join the program and download Zend Server with PHP 7, you’ll need to fill out a short form.

On the Downloads page, select the operating system you’re using. This version of Zend Server can be installed on Linux, Windows, Mac and IBM i (for a full list of system requirements, click here).

Next, install Zend Server.

For Linux distros, unzip the ‘ZendServer-9.0.0-TechPreview-RepositoryInstaller-linux.tar.gz’ file you downloaded, and run the extracted repository installer script (./install_zs.sh 7.0 –automatic). This script ensures that the correct repositories are set, verifies system requirements and issues the correct package management commands to set up Zend Server and PHP 7 properly.

For Windows and Mac users, simply use the supplied native installers and follow the specified instructions.

By the way, upgrades from previous versions of Zend Server, including the Technology Preview, are not supported.

Finally, to launch Zend Server after the installation is complete, open your browser at: https://<Server_IP>:10082/ZendServer (secure), or http://<Server_IP>:10081/ZendServer.

How do I submit feedback?

Once you’ve given Zend Server a test drive, let us know if you have any feedback whatsoever. Be it a bug report, an idea for a new feature, or any other kind of feedback – we want to hear it!

You can send us your comments via email to:  zs-earlyaccess@zend.com, or – you can share them via Slack at: https://zendserverearlyaccess.slack.com/ (joining is by invitation so ping us if you’re interested).

The fine print

Due to the nature of the program, you’re going to be exposed to features and technologies that haven’t undergone thorough testing or that may have partially-baked features.  We’d like you to consider every early access release as experimental, and expect instabilities, bugs and frequently occurring changes.

Needless to say, the Early Access version of Zend Server is not to be used for production purposes!

For information on Zend Server and instructions on how to use the included features, visit the Zend Server Online Help.

We’re extremely excited about the early access program, and invest a lot of time and resources into it. We would again like to thank you for your time evaluating Zend Server and for any feedback you’ll provide.


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    Daniel Berman

    Product Evangelist at Zend Technologies. Passionate about PHP, Zend's products and family. Into running, Liverpool FC, and blogging.

    About Daniel Berman

    Product Evangelist at Zend Technologies. Passionate about PHP, Zend's products and family. Into running, Liverpool FC, and blogging.

    • http://innovez.blogspot.com/ Bryan “BJ” Hoffpauir

      I just got Guy’s email invitation and have signed up for early access preview. Excited to sink my teeth into Zend Server + PHP7.

      Thanks for sharing this info, Daniel – I’ll see you in the Slack channel :)

    • FormaServe

      the “For IBM i users, see instructions here.” link is not working :-(