Zend Unveils New Product and Integration Offerings to Accelerate Development

Zend Server 8 with New Z-Ray Capabilities

Zend unveiled the developer-centric Zend Server 8, the company’s newest integrated application platform for mobile and web applications. This latest version includes new Z-Ray insight into several popular applications as well as introducing Z-Ray Live!, which broadens the scope and reach of Z-Ray to include mobile and web services API debugging. Z-Ray gives real-time, in-context visibility inside apps, showing exactly what happens to construct each page. The result:  Developers catch PHP code errors early, allowing them to inspect, debug and optimize their pages early in the development process, long before production.

Key Features and Benefits of Zend Server 8:

  • Z-Ray’s real-time vision inside PHP requests has been extended to include specific detailed data for several common applications and frameworks including Magento, WordPress,  Drupal, Zend Framework, Symfony, and IBM i.
  • Z-Ray’s extensibility API allows developers to add new functionality to Z-Ray, displaying the data they care about.
  • Z-Ray Live! provides the visibility of Z-Ray for requests coming from mobile and web services API calls, letting developers see into the server-side execution of mobile app requests.
  • URL Insight identifies the worst-performing pages in an application and provides Z-Ray insight into the causes.
  • New platform support includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, PHP 5.6, and Linux running on IBM Power8.

Z-Ray has proved to boost development productivity by providing developers immediate access to database queries, memory usage, request execution details and more. However, our customers told us they now needed to get this debugging info for their mobile applications,” said Zeev Suraski, CTO and Co-founder, Zend. “Z-Ray Live!’s new X-Ray vision offers ‘as-it-happens’ insight into each request coming from native mobile apps or via web services API calls. This real-time server-side error-catching and debugging helps developers stay one step ahead in the mobile app development process.

Zend Server 8 will be generally available in December 2014.

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