JetBrains & Zend team up to integrate Zend Server with PhpStorm

At Zend, we are very excited about Z-Ray, the revolutionary new tool included in Zend Server 7. Today we are extra excited because we’re announcing the integration of Zend Server with PhpStorm, the IDE from JetBrains, giving new visibility and insight to users of both tools.

 “Quality software delivered quickly across many types of devices is a prerequisite for innovation,” said Guy Harpaz, Senior Director of Product Management, Zend. “At the heart of quality software is quality code. Zend Server Z-Ray’s integration with PhpStorm empowers both PhpStorm and Zend Server users to address code-related errors early, making application development more efficient across the board. Both businesses and consumers will reap the rewards of this elevated ‘quality control.’”

“We are very excited to add new capabilities to PhpStorm that bring productivity gains for our users,” said Alexey Gopachenko, JetBrains PhpStorm Product Manager. “The integration with Zend Server, and specifically Z-Ray, provides an unprecedented level of visibility that allows developers to see how their code is running as they develop it. This ‘X-Ray’ insight puts the developer in control, translating into higher-quality code produced faster. The combination of Zend Server Z-Ray and PhpStorm is a true win-win throughout the development cycle for both developers and managers, especially for enterprise-oriented projects.”

Zend Server Developer Edition pricing starts at $195, with a free 30-day trial available both locally and on Amazon Web Services. For a limited time, PhpStorm users can save 20% off the regular price with coupon code PHPSTORM in the Zend online store.

Make sure to sign up for the webinar demonstrating the integration, scheduled for September 23rd. Want to try it out? Read the complete tutorial.

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    Joshua Solomin

    Director of Product Marketing at Zend Technologies