Zend Server on AWS: faster innovation, more flexibility

Today we’re announcing the availability of Zend Server 7 on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We launched Zend Server on July 1, and since then, we’ve been receiving rave reviews about its features, particularly the game changing Z-Ray, which gives developers real time feedback on the quality of the code they’re writing.

In bringing Zend Server 7 to AWS, we can now offer one of the best application platforms on one of the most scalable infrastructure environments. For developers, we’ve created Developer Edition, which lets developers simulate a production environment at a price that any developer can afford.  On AWS, Developer Edition is available on four Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for only $0.03 an hour.

At that price, developers can easily create sandbox environments that they can spin up or down with a minimal investment. And when the application is ready for production, developers will migrate the AMI to either Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition.

The commercial editions of Zend Server provide an enterprise class application platform for PHP, including full SLAs, clustering, and performance tuning options that satisfy the most demanding applications. Zend Server 7 is currently available on more than 12 AMIs, spanning the range from micro instances all the way to extra large virtual servers optimized for compute-intensive workloads.

As always, we encourage you to test drive Zend Server PHP on AWS through our 30-day free trial.  Just visit Zend Server in the AWS Marketplace to get started.