Using Oracle and PHP together – try it out, it’s easy!

If you’re using Oracle technologies, you’re undoubtedly interested in running reliable, secure, and high quality applications. PHP is the perfect language for creating those applications, and Zend and Oracle have partnered to make sure that Oracle and PHP work flawlessly together: it’s easy to run an enterprise-grade PHP app environment with Zend Server on Oracle Linux and using Oracle Database.

Trying it out is easy, too. Download this VirtualBox appliance, which comes with pre-configured instances of Zend Server 6.3 and Oracle Database XE 11.2 running on Oracle Linux 6.4.

For a full walkthrough on using a Oracle/PHP/Apache/Linux (OPAL) development and deployment environment, check out this article on Oracle Technology Network. It provides a walkthrough of exactly how to get started using the VirtualBox appliance, covering all the details of using PHP and Oracle together.  In it you’ll see how to build simple apps that store data in the included database, as well as performance tuning and real-time monitoring.


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