PHP and DevOps

Matt Asay posts on about the relationship between open source and the DevOps ethos:

Blame DevOps on open source. After all, it was the open source movement that gave developers the idea that they were free to code, free to build applications and other software for their companies without needing prior approval. It was open source that crowned developers kingmakers. It was open source that gave developers the freedom to not only write code, but also manage it.

It was open source that gave us DevOps.

We can absolutely see that in the world of PHP development. Why is PHP one of the most popular languages in the world?  Because of its open source nature, it has such a low barrier to entry – time to learn, cost of use, etc. – that developers adopted it as a tool for getting stuff done quickly and efficiently.

Of course as Matt also points out, there’s a danger in having the pendulum swing too far towards development agility, in an effort to overcome operational roadblocks.  The holy grail is to figure out how get to the best of both worlds: dynamic and rapid dev iteration without creating ops chaos – a topic we at Zend are quite familiar with.

Read the full post, DevOps: It’s All Open Source’s Fault

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    Joshua Solomin

    Director of Product Marketing at Zend Technologies