DevOps for Agile Delivery

No matter how frequently you’re rolling out new features, incorporating agility in the development process is more important then ever.

Agile development and continuous iteration places new demands on operations to support continuous delivery, in which small changes are released often and apps must be tested on an ongoing basis. So smooth DevOps collaboration is a must and without agility in the DevOps process, developers end up wasting their time debugging and trying to solve post-production issues. Ops teams grapple with application problems that may or may not have originated from the code.

We asked developers for the main reasons that they encounter delays in getting code from development to production, and received a range of responses. The most frequently cited were inconsistent environments across development, test and production, lack of automation in the application deployment process, and lack of collaboration between development and operations.

However, according to a survey of over 4000 IT Operations and Development professionals done by Puppet Labs, the adoption of DevOps is accelerating across organizations of all sizes. To better understand the DevOps trend, check out State of DevOps Infographic from Puppet Labs.


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