Join us for our first ever ZendCon hackathon!

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This special event reserved for ZendCon Europe attendees will stretch your coding limits to the extreme in a friendly competition.

Join us on Monday night (room TBA) at 7:00PM for the hackathon kick-off. The rules will be announced then, and the hackathon will run throughout the event until Wednesday. Prizes include the highly coveted big green elePHPant, a 1 year subscription to GitHub, and certification vouchers for the fresh new PHP and ZF2 certification exams!

Adam Culp will be the host of this hackathon and the judging panel will include¬†Sophie Beaupuis, Evan Coury, Adam Culp, Stephan Koopmanschap and Matthew Weier O’Phinney.

Thanks to GitHub for sponsoring this first ZendCon hackathon!


  • Nishant Shrivastava

    Is it open for everyone. If not, please organize some of the event, through which we can unite the PHP Lovers separated geographically.

  • Gabriel

    I can’t find any information regarding the ZF2 certification. Can you be more specific?

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  • Zend

    The ZF2 certification will be available early next year but we’re conducting a beta session at ZendCon Europe – limited slots. So, if you’re interested please reach out to Debbie:

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