Zend Studio 10.5 – The smarter way to develop applications

We’re excited to announce the general availability of the newest version of Zend Studio, the award-winning integrated development environment (IDE). Zend Studio 10.5 analyzes projects up to twice as fast as previous versions of the IDE and has the most popular PHP tools for dependency management, testing and documentation already pre-integrated. Zend Studio can prove indispensable in helping developers tackle web and mobile application projects more rapidly.

“We focused on providing a simple and efficient experience for the most common day-to-day development tasks”, said Natalia Bartol, Zend Studio Team Leader. “Zend Studio 10.5 will validate and analyze your code on the fly and guide you through how to use new APIs, frameworks and libraries via intuitive content assist. It integrates and leverages popular tools like Composer and PHPDocumentor to support the full development cycle for PHP projects.”

In addition to significant performance and responsiveness improvements, Zend Studio 10.5 also includes:

  • Enhanced dependency management
  • Improved unit testing
  • Effortless generation of code documentation
  • Improved web-mobile app development
  • Team collaboration with Git and GitHub

Zend is dedicated to having users play an active role in the evolution of Zend Studio. Starting with Studio 10.5, Zend has been providing early access to releases, and will continue to provide early access to future versions. Zend welcomes feedback and bug reports to help us continue to meet our goal of making Zend Studio the best PHP development experience.