Devs2-A-Palooza and other Highlights from ZendCon Day #2!

What do you get when you combine Developers and Devices?

You have a “Devs2 a Palooza”.

According to David I, it’s all about Devices and Developers. As a developer, you’re in the middle of the universe of exciting new ways for users to interact with your apps.

At this morning’s keynote presentation, David Intersimone  (“David I”) took the ZendCon audience on a tour of the smart/intelligent sensor/device world and the opportunities for developers to create applications for next generation desktop computers, 2-in-1 devices, smart phones and devices of all types, shapes and sizes.

Today’s smart phones have location, accelerometer, orientation, cameras, microphones, voice control, alternative user interfaces and other sensors and devices. In the next few years we will also see sensors and devices for temperature, humidity, proximity, personal health monitoring, and more – “for a developer, it’s like a kid in the candy store.”

The session was lit up bright with color-changing light bulbs. What’s so special about that? Well, the color co-ordination was managed using an app on his iphone. And that’s not all; he then went ahead to change the temperature of his house remotely from his phone. Isn’t that cool?

The next thing we knew – ZendCon was under a drone attack!

There are many ways you could use a phone-controlled drone but David I uses it to check for anything blocking the gutter of his house without using a ladder.

Some guidelines for developers from David I:

  • Don’t just slap your desktop application onto the mobile platform
  • Don’t use too much between your application, the OS and the hardware
  • Make mobile your 1st priority
  • Don’t build different apps for different platforms unless you’re Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Double down on security

Among other happenings, the Apigility technical briefing and Q&A received a great response with discussions around the open-source nature of the project, Zend’s vision of the project and future plans. The session began with a brief technical overview from Zend Framework project lead Matthew Weier O’Phinney, followed by an interactive question and answer session with the Apigility principal developers.

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