Wow, what a great first day of ZendCon!

What a first day that was! Starting with the opening keynote, where Chili the elephpant made his debut, and Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski announced Apigility and Zend’s Blueprint for Continuous Delivery.

In the afternoon Peter S Magnussion talked about native web development at Google, including what burstabilty in action looks like (on the Google cloud for PHP applications).

And then there’s what ZendCon is all about – the technical sessions. As always we had lines out the door of certain sessions but this year we are planning some repeats of the most popular ones later in the event (including this morning’s Apigility session which will be repeated on Thursday morning at 9.15am in Hall B).

The expo hall was buzzing, the beer arrived by the evening reception. Favorite question of the day from the main tent – “what’s a developers’ favorite beer? “  Answer from the floor: “free”.

Here’s just a few of the press articles from today:

VentureBeat – Zend can now help you build an awesome API and kick DevOps into high gear

eWeek – Zend Delivers Blueprint for Continuous Delivery

eWeek – Zend Launches Apigility Open-Source API Making Project

The Register – Zend gifts devs with open source API wrangling kit

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