To the top PHP open source contributors

We at Zend have open source PHP in our blood (see Zend Framework, Zend Opcache, etc). If you contribute to PHP open source projects, you are making the world a better place to develop in. And we want to thank you for your contributions!

If you are a top-50 contributor to a PHP GitHub project with over 2,500 stars, we want to give you a free copy of our professional software — Zend Server Enterprise Edition and Zend Studio, together worth over $10,000. They are fully supported and can be used for production on a single server.

All we ask is that you keep contributing to the open source community, with our thanks.
(Oh yeah, and product feedback would be nice!)

Get you software


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    Andi Gutmans

    CEO and Co-founder at Zend Technologies
    • Irfan Raza

      I Love PHP <3

    • ajay patel

      so @laravelphp will get free Zend Server Enterprise Edition & Zend Studio. love you php. :)

    • Vallabh Kansagara

      I love zend and php also.