Zend Announces 10,000th Zend Certified Engineer

We’re happy to announce that Geert Bergman, a Utrecht, Netherlands based technical advisor, is the 10,000th Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE). Bergman works with the full-service Internet agency Yard Internet, which offers consultancy, design, technical implementation, hosting and support to clients such as the Dutch Association of Banks. Bergman is one of seven Yard Internet employees to have passed the Zend PHP Developer Certification.

“At Yard Internet, our entire back-end is PHP,” said Bergman. “We use PHP to build in-house solutions in social networking, e-learning, e-commerce and more, including Scrivo, our open-source CMS that targets professional environments in which front- and back-end developers work together to create new designs and functionality. The Zend certification has improved the overall programming quality for our entire team, so that we can provide even better PHP service-side experience for our customers.”

“More than any other language, PHP gives us the ability to develop apps rapidly and iterate frequently to help our clients achieve their end result,” said Bergman. “It’s always easy to give clients direct, ongoing feedback about the things we change.”

Read the exclusive interview with Geert Bergman.

Zend Certification: The Gold Standard of PHP Certifications

Zend provides PHP developers and software development organizations with two certification
tracks – Zend Certified PHP Developer, which has become an industry-wide standard and a measure of distinction for PHP development skills, and the Zend Framework Certified Architect certification. Over the last year, Zend has seen over 1,500 new engineers pass the certification.

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    • http://devphp.in fhferreira

      Wow… congratulations

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    • Narss

      Very nice, i want to get Zend certification. Please give me more requirements about certification exams. Thanks

    • Zend

      To learn more about becoming a Zend Certified PHP developer or a Zend Framework Certified Architect, please visit: http://www.zend.com/services/certification/

    • Rajindu Harshana

      Woooooow Great. My Congrats.

    • http://www.PatidarWeb.com Vallabh Kansagara

      i am going to take Zend certification in this jun. wowwww. i will be a part of them…