PHP Takes on Business-Critical Apps

According to Forrester, companies have increased their use of open source programming languages for their application development over the years. PHP has long been a leader in open source, and it’s proven to be a leading development language among enterprise developers as well. Multiple online employment sites report PHP as their leading developer technology in terms of job skills’ demand. For instance, trends reported by employment meta-search site show that demand for PHP developers has grown and outpaced other languages since 2006. In fact, demand for PHP developers has grown more than 350 percent in that same time frame.

Given how well it integrates and even complements applications written in languages such as Java, PHP fits well into existing enterprise infrastructures and cloud frameworks. The world of
mobile development has also embraced PHP. Studies suggest that within the next three years, mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1, and that 90 percent of PHP developers are already working on mobile apps today. Although the future appears bright for PHP in all areas of application development, some companies still have concerns about whether PHP is a safe bet for their applications.

This paper examines the benefits of broader PHP adoption in an organization,
along with areas for further consideration.

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