Beyond Open Source – 4 Key Considerations When Investing in a PHP Platform

Unanticipated spikes in application usage at inopportune times can have a large impact on the success of an application, and ultimately on the company that depends on it. Companies need to take stock of whether their applications and the platforms they run on can scale to meet demand, and they’re asking themselves whether it’s time to invest in a commercial PHP application platform.

The right commercial PHP platform should provide the ability to cluster servers, easily spin up new server instances and dynamically meet spikes in demand while keeping servers in sync. For true elasticity, all of this should be supported automatically, without human intervention. Further, session clustering needs to be supported to prevent information loss in the event a server fails or suddenly becomes unavailable.

A commercial PHP platform creates value in terms of reliability, security, uptime and support, and it allows developers to focus on more productive tasks. Here’s what to look for in a commercial PHP platform:

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